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Become a Tipster with SureWin

Here at SureWin we are always on the lookout for new services but only the best are allowed to join


Our Tipsters Are Rewarded With The Best Revenues

Here at SureWin we have a ‘tried and testing’ proofing period – of course, we only want the best services to trade under the SureWin banner.

We get requests to join all the time, but we have to be sure only the best and most profitable ones get our full attention. However, once these tipsters do pass the proofing period then – just like obtaining a Dragon in the ‘Den’ - they will have the full support and benefits of trading under the SureWin banner.

Industry Leaders In Tipster Revenue

We know that good tipsters are hard to find, so when SureWin does give a service the ‘green light’ THEY ARE REWARDED EXTREMLEY WELL!.

Surewin are industry leaders in paying back the highest percentage of subscriptions to our tipsters – meaning the bulk of regular monthly subscriptions head back to services owners.
We pay out £1,000’s each month so if you do have a profitable service, with an outstanding track record, then you can certainly start cashing-in.

Interested? Here’s How To Become A Tipster With SureWin

  • Contact us using the quick and easy form below.
  • Proof your selections with us over the set timeframe.
  • Pass your proofing period – you’ll be ready to launch.
  • Tap into the 50,000 SureWin database to attract customers.
  • Ongoing support, including set-up, marketing, social media, payments and customer services.
  • Earn an industry-leading percentage (40%??) of subscriptions per month.
  • Revenues are paid to each tipster monthly.

SureWin Have Paid Out £100,000’s to Our Tipsters Over The Years

We pride ourselves on being the industry leaders in terms of the percentage of revenue we pay our tipsters.

What Can You EARN?

Here at SureWin, we reward our tipsters with (40% ???) of all revenue received each month.

Tipsters receive 40% of each and every sale and best of all we take care of all the ugly and boring stuff behind the scenes – from marketing, set-up, advertising, customer services, not to mention having access to latest methods on delivering selections to customers via text messages, secure login members’ areas or emails.

You Do The Maths

A typical SureWin service might charge £37 a month

At just 50 customers
50 customers @£37 = £1,850 revenue per month
40% tipster payment = £740 per month

However, most of our services attract a lot more customers…….don’t forget we’ve got a 50,000 industry database to market from, plus an array of social media avenues.

Or 200 customers
@£37 per month = £7,400
40% tipster payment = £2,960 per month

SureWin Has Access To The Best Payment Services Too

With all the popular payment methods already set-up under the SureWin banner then getting quick and secure payments from customers is also a big advantage of letting us manage your tipping service.

If you feel you’ve got a profitable service contact us today using the form below

Reasons to use SureWin

  • We’re ALL In It To WIN!

    We are so confident in our tipster's ability that we also put our money where our mouth is and back alongside our members - why wouldn't we?

    Our two simple aims are to make money following our tipsters (see our winning bet slips below) – plus, also allow our members to do exactly the same by sharing this information – you can now join our winning club!

  • Over A Decade Of Experience

    We are a UK-based company that’s stood the test of time. We’ve been trading since 2006, so have over 13 years’ experience in bringing only the best betting advice to our members.

  • Only The Best Tipsters Join

    We don’t just let any old betting service trade under our name. You can rest assured EVERY potential tipster has to undergo a vigorous, tried and tested proofing period. Only the ones that pass with flying colours are allowed to join……..trust us, we’ve turned down hundreds!

  • Real Tipsters, That Are Real People

    It does exactly what it says on the tin. We are so confident in our tipster’s ability that we also put our money where our mouth is and back EVERY single bit of advice given out……..why wouldn’t we?

  • Top Notch Customer Service

    The dedicated and experienced SureWin team are also on-hand to answer any questions or queries you might have. We’re here to help you win so all our members can contact us from 09:30am – 16:30pm Weekdays.

  • Transparent Results

    Unlike many betting services around, here at SureWin there is simply no hiding place for our tipsters. Why should there be? All their results – win, lose, or draw – are published online, so our members can get a clear and full understanding on how each one is performing. That’s why only the best tipsters are allowed to join!